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| 08-07-2019 | Yellow Flower Blooming on the Circle Caldeira Hiking

We are still to understand the reason while so many of our #native and #endemic #flowers are yellow. From Lysimachia to Rubia agostinhoi, from Tolpis succulenta and Tolpis azorica to Leontodon filli, or even the rarest orchid in Europe the Plantathera produces light yellow flowers. The pleasure of walking through fields of wild flowers is something to experience in the #Azores during summer months.

Here some images from another great morning in Faial Island, Azores.

We managed to collect more info on the seasonality of flowering of several species.

Bombus terrestris feeding collecting nectar on flowers of cf. Lavandula

Hard fern and Lysmachia flowers

Early Tolpis azorica 8Jun2019

Leontodon filii with Caldeira behind

Rubia agostinhoi flowering in the Nature Reserve of Caldeira of Faial Island

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