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|19-06-2019 pm| Azorean residents: Sperm whales and dolphins

It was a unexpected sunny afternoon. The sighting started with a pod of females Sperm whales (Physeter mactocephalus) in the South of the island of Faial.

Female Sperm whale

The 5 females observed were part of the to the same pod we have been observe in the last weeks. The animals kept the diving behaviour, that is mainly made to prey deep cephalopods species (octopus and squids).

Fluke of a Sperm whale

Each animal can be identified trough it's fluke (tail) morphology, the pictures and then analysed by our researchers and the cetaceans group from the University of the Azores!

Two Sperm whales resting at the surface

After sperm whales observation, we seek, always with the support of the spotters in land, for dolphins. We found a large pod of the resident Common dolphins (Delphinus delphis) mixed with the seasonal resident Striped dolphins (Stenella coeruleoalba).

Common dolphins

Common dolphins usually react positively to boats and can display considerable surface activity.

Common dolphin jumping out of the water

The dolphins approached our boat and bow ride. Below an image with Capelinhos volcano on the Background.

Common dolphins next to our boat

More sperm whales came to the surface. We moved again to their observation.

Sperm whale's fluke

Another fantastic day at the Azores!


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