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|02- 07-2019| Sperm whales and spotted dolphins adventure

Starting from Horta and Madalena in Pico, the crew was unique and ready for an adventure whale watching in the Azores!

We head for Sperm whales in the North of Faial, to find a pod that was sighted one week ago south of Faial. This was the pod that appeared south of Faial one week ago, and lead the sperm whales that were there for about one month to feed on other areas. So it seems this pod also enjoyed our island slopes for squid and have stayed in the Azores.

We use conspicuous marks in the body and cuts in the fluke to identify the animals as the one in the image below.

Distintive scar mark close to dorsal fin allowing to ID the sperm whales

There was a pod of spotted dolphins in the area, so tracked them to get information on the pod size, 30 to 40 animals, with at least 4 juveniles identified. Some dorsal fin images were collected for Identification and cataloguing. These dolphins are higly social and do react to boats in a positive and playfull way as you can see on the images below.