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|7-5-2019 am| Lonely whale watchers' off Pico Island

Last Tuesday we took a window of opportunity between two stormy days to reach a group of Sperm Whales that the lookouts spotted for us.

The sea was wavy, the swell made finding the animals a hard work. We could hear the animals using the hydrophone but we could not see them, so we kept tracking the three Sperm Whales that we were listening to. Meanwhile, we could enjoy an impressive view of Pico Island. We were the only ones in the area.

The view of Pico Island from Bicho do Mar, our boat

Finally, Captain Marco found a blow . Experienced eyes are always the best ones! The animal was a juvenile. Since then, our goal was to follow him so he would take us to the rest of the pod.

Juvenile Sperm Whale

And that was it: few minutes after finding him, a small calf and an adult female came to the surface. They kept transiting in the surface so the calf could recover from the dive and then they dived again.

Sperm Whale adult female and calf

We kept in the area waiting for a last animal to appear and our patience had a reward: a second female blowed in front of our boat. She was transiting: swimming fast and finally she dived raising her tail high!

Female Sperm Whale seconds before diving

At that point, we started our long way back to Horta, enjoying the ride with some cookies. A successful whale expedition in the Azores!


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