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|5Set2019| Windy Sperm Whales and Dolphins in the Azores; Cachalotes e delfines en las Azores

It was in fact a East windy day, with plenty of splashes for everyone. The team with Captain Marco and Dr. Zé Nuno was ready and so the Naturalist crew from many diferent countries was ready for adventure!

The expedition started with a pod of female Sperm whales, 4 miles north of Faial Island. The first observation was a juvenile, starting on a diving behaviour, and a few females followed.

Here the first sperm whale.

Below two females diving, showing cuts on the dorsal that allow to identify the group.

Below another of the first whales that fluked!

After a few time, we decided to wait for the first we had seen, and around 45 minutes after she dive, she come up!

News arrived on dolphins so the expedition continued!

A sighting of Great shearwater occurred for those more into birds

The dolphins were very very close to the boat, and actively transiting jumping high out of the water. But water was what our cameras were capturing most of all!

Another boat with Fernando Maiato and João Reis looking for the common dolphins as well!

Cory's shearwater were chasing the Short-beaked Common dolphins as well!

We kept trying the photos..

But the beautifull common dolphins kept escaping our cameras! Truly wild!

Everyone was very satisfied after a 4 hour adventure on the Azores high seas!


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