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|30-4-2019 pm| Bottlenose dolphins by the coast. Relaxing afternoon

The afternoon expedition led us to a pod of 40-50 bottlenose dolphins that were particularly close to shore, over depths ranging from 40 to 11 meters.

The pod remained particularly close to shore, near the bay of the Nature Reserve of Castelo Branco, of the Faial Nature Park (Parque Natural do Faial). A subgroup of females and juveniles remained tightly clustered together throughout the observation, while more active juveniles and adults were jumping and apparently foraging for food slightly off shore from the group. Such clustered behaviour suggested some animal was with a limitative condition, such as a female pregant, a sick or an old dolphin, although no information was possible to be collected.

The expedition ended with a relaxing observation off the Natural Monument of Capelinhos Volcano, a 62 years old catastrophic beauty with contrasting red and black volcanic deposits, and the luxurius green of the endemic vegetation covering the volcanic domes of the Capelinhos complex behind.


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