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|19-08-2019| A very Full Half Day in Faial Island, Azores

Dedicating your day to explore the volcanoes, plants and culture of the Azores in the company of a local biologist is normally a great way to spend a day!

As a Biologist working as a guide it is a great pleasure, as plants, insects and many other aspects from weather to seasonaiity of species requires attention and curious clients with interesting questions make every tour a day of learning and experience.

Here we place some of the photographs collected during this morning!

Thank you for beeing such a great group!

See you soon! José

Coastal vegetation south Faial, showing the invasive Carpobrotus edulis on the ground leve, and the Azorean tree heather (Erica azorica) wich is in many areas the largest species on the coastal line.

Erica azorica drying flowers

Picconia azorica fruits in August 2019

Hydrangeas are still great, with early signs of drying.

Capelinhos volcano with the willow trees doing their best to hold the remaining ashes of this 1957 volcano

Great moments

Tolpis azorica in Caldeira 900m with early signs of over exposure of temperature and light as usual this time of the year.

Tolpis succulenta and hard fern setting the alpine vegetation at the top of Caldeira of Faial

A mixed ground species with Saint Daboec's herb (Daboecia azorica, without flowers the first time this year), Rubia agostinhoi, Hard fern (Blechnum spicant), etc

This is us!


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