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|07-09-2019 pm| Amazing Sperm whales behavior in the South of Pico island

In the afternoon, the group of Sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) that we had seen in the morning was still in the South of the island of Pico. But the behavior was much differnt. We had three breathtaking moments with these marine mammals:

The first was when 3 juvenile females approached until less than 5 meters from our boat while socializing.

The second was when a Sperm whale started tail slapping several times.

The third was when the same Sperm whale breached 3 times in a row and tail throwed 3 times more.

We also saw many Common terns (Sterna hirundo).

Certainly it was a very special trip!

Thank you all for joining our team. You can enjoy and share the pictures that our biologist Maria took during the expedition.

And our new species of shark the "Sperm whale shark". Which is two Sperm whales rolling close to the surface and showing a part of their flukes.


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