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|07-06-2019| Amazing calm Sperm whales in the South of Faial Island, Azores

In the morning we moved towards the South of the island of Faial. There was a large pod of female #Spermwhales (Physeter macrocephalus). We travelled to the vicinity of #Capelinhos volcano and lighthouse to observe these beautiful animals.

Head of sperm whale towards Capelinhos vulcano and lighthouse

All the animals were diving in order to hunt squid, so we collected many pictures of their #flukes and bodies.

Tail of Sperm whale
Tail of a Sperm whale

We moved around the Southern area of #Faial following the animals.

Head and back of a Sperm whale, visible new and old skin differences

As we changed position so did the different amazing backgrounds changed...

Bitten tail of a Sperm whale
Sperm whale with Pico Island as a background

We saw some Cory's #Shearwaters (Calonectris borealis) around too.

Two Sperm whales with a Cory's Shearwater between them
The two Sperm whales in detail
The two sperm whales diving

There was even opportunity to collect a biological sample of #whale skin according to the permit the #AzoresNaturalist team has with the Regional Government of the #Azores.

Sper whale in front of Morro of Castelo Branco

A big Thanks to all that chose the Naturalist - Science and Tourism to explore the waters and wildlife of #Faial and #Pico #supporting our #research!


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