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|05-07-2019| Whale watching Azores: 6 Sperm whales and a huge pod of Atlantic-spotted dolphins

The flat sea provided the perfect conditions for whale watching.

The first animals that we saw was a pod of over 150 Atlantic-spotted dolphins (Stenella frontalis).

Atlantic-spotted dolphins jumping in front of our boat

The animals were feeding on small pelagics

Atlantic-spotted dolphins

There was some Cory's shearwaters (Calonectris borealis) benefiting from the small pelagic fish brought to the surface by the dolphins.

Atlantic-spotted dolphin

Juvenils and sub-adults showed great surface activity.

Atlantic-spotted dolphin jumping

Adult Atlantic-spotted dolphin

Adult Atlantic-spotted dolphin

Afterwards, we went after bigger animals: Sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus).

Sperm whales and Graciosa island

A total of 7 very large females whales were seen socializing: a group of 6 animals shallow diving and transiting after feeding and one single whale that came to the surface after a long dive.

The group of Sperm whales

4 of the 6 Sperm whales

In the group there were 2 juveniles and 1 calf. Without fins it is harder to identify the pod so we will have to look for details on the skin for pod identification. Not everything can be solved on the same expedition!

Adult and 2 juveniles of Sperm whale

Adult female and calf of Sperm whale


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