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|04-07-2019| Socializing Sperm whales and friendly Atlantic-spotted dolphins

Today we found a pod of 6 to 7 Sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus). The animals were not feeding but socializing.

Part of the tail of a Sperm whale while rolling

Sperm whale at the surface

Some animals were alone but at the end, several animals came together, so at least 5 animals were at the South of Pico island.

Three of the 5 animals of the pod

There was a juvenile that joined one of the females at the surface.

Juvenile and adult female

After watching the largest animals on the planet with teeth, we headed to a big pod of over 50 Atlantic-spotted dolphins (Stenella frontalis), also in the South.

Atlantic-spotted dolphins

Atantic-spotted dolphins

The group had several calfs and juveniles.

Calf and adult

Some animals jumped next to our boat

Dolphin jumping

Dolphin jumping

The pod was friendly with the boat

This was a great morning, with a perfect sun and flat sea. Like everything that is good, passes quick, so hopefully these images allow to keep the memory for long!


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