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Sperm whales one a great ocean |14102019am|

Day of Big Swell and lovely sun! The sea was moving and the crew was confident. The Spotter from the North call us for a pod of medium size females so there we went. First stop in Madalena Pico, time to appreciate the Ilhéu Deitado and Ilhéu em Pé, the protected islets in front of the harbour.

Crossing the channel towards north of Faial, and there we were, after a great trip. The animals were not easy to approach, as the large swell made the observation more difficult, although everyone managed to see the sperm whales, including the same animal after a 45 min dive, identified by its white marks near the dorsal. Still time to watch some of the last Cory's shearwater in the region, before starting migrating south towards Brasil and South Africa.

Here some of the images possible to collect that day. More stayed in our memories for sure. Great crew great spirit, great day!


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