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|02-09-2019 am| BLUE WHALES and 3 more species of cetaceans

It was a great windy morning whale and dolphin watching off #Faial and Island in the Azores with Naturalist Science and Tourism.

We started with a group of Sperm #whales that we have seen in the last days, two females were diving, one with a calf on its side. We collected tail images, and managed to photograph the juvenile quite extensively as he came across the bow of the boat changing direction.

Big female sperm whale fluke coming out of the water as she dives.

Juvenile diving to drink milk as the larger female rests before diving once again to 900m depths.

Watch the petal shaped fluke above from this known sperm whale diving in the azores.

Young female crossing close to our boat showing off its extensive white marks of the head.

A large #baleen #whale was #spotted in the morning, and the spotters insisted until they found them - and they were #Blue #whales! The two animals were calm, breathing 4-5 times before diving for around 5-7 minutes, and swimming close to the surface between blows, allowing to see the blue colouration from where their name derives from.

After collecting images of the Blue whales as good as possible, respecting the distances allowed and with a strong glare from the wind caps reflection of the still morning sun, we proceeded to observe a mixed pod of Striped and Common dolphins that was feeding further offshore. The common dolphins initiated feeding behaviour, with Cory's shearwaters attempting their luck, as we tried to record their sounds. The common dolphins were actualy not vocalizing particularly high so we had no luck this time.

Thank you for joining our expedition tour to the Azorean ocean wildlife.

You can enjoy and share the pictures that our biologist Maria took during the expedition.


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