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|23-06-2019 pm| Resident Sperm whales in front of "Morro", Faial, Azores

A blast of water coming from the surface of the water is always good news for whale watchers.

The blast of the breath of a Sperm whale

Sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) have a front-left oriented blow due to their front left located and S-shaped blowhole.

Sperm whale's blow

The afternoon of the 23th of June we had a more challenging sea but we managed to see 5 different Sperm whales.

Sperm whale's back

Not all the animals dived, as each animal can show different behavior despite being part of the same group. But we took pictures of the tails of those that showed them.

Sperm whale's tail

This group has been around the same area for almost a month, so we are able to recognise each individual easily through the flukes (tail) and body marks.

Sperm whale's fluke

The expedition was a success and we went back to Horta.

Happy people after seeing 5 Sperm whales


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