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|19-5-2019 am| Sperm whales everywhere! (no images)

The morning started with a "get ready because we have to go" scenario. There were Sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) at the South, so we dressed up with jackets, trousers and boots because the sea was bumpy and we left.

We saw a total of 11 Sperm whales but we could listen to more than 15 animals under the water through the hydrophone: it was amazing, there was a festival of clicking under there, and everyone onboard was able to listen.

Whale watching Sperm whales can be tricky because they can spend around 45 minutes underwater if they are females to 1 hour and a half if they are males. So Sperm whale watching usually has long periods of "whale waiting", but not this time. As one animal was going down, an other was coming up.

With a problem on our photographic camera, we recorded only a few moments by cellphone.

If you are one of the naturalists onboard please send us any pictures you may have from this expedition, particularly whale tails.


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