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|15-08-2019| Magnific Pico Full Day Tour

For Special People, there is always a special place with us in the Azores!

It was a very "volcanic" day in Pico Island for a group of "happy shining people".

guided by our Biologist Pedro Cerqueira.

Lava flows, at the coast in Lajido de Santa Luzia - Cabrito.

A Spanish couple, an Italian couple with friends and family. A "volcanic" spectacular Latin group

Mal-furada - "St. John's Wort" - Endemic to the Azores

"Azorina vidalii" - Vidália the great endemic genus

The Italian conection! Grazie

North coast of Pico island, island of São Jorge in the horizon

"the botanical class :)"

Uva da Serra, "Azorean bilberry" - Endemic to the Azores

Silvado manso, "Bramble" - Endemic to the Azores

Dettagli del Messaggio:

Name: Sonja

Subject: 15.08.2019

Message: With many thanks to Pedro, he made it a very special day!! The “pizza” connection 🤣


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