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|14-5-2019 am| Dolphins mating in front of Horta, Faial

The morning started with a period of "whale waiting". The lookouts were not finding blows, perhaps whales were too far from the shoreline. But dolphins made us go out.

Bottlenose dolphin and Horta

There was a big pod of 50 Bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) near to the coast of Faial Island. We only needed to sail for 10 minutes before reaching them.

Our explorers enjoying the pod of Bottlenose dolphins

We realized that they were mating: with plenty of surface activity.

Bottlenose dolphin jumping on its colleague

In Bottlenose dolphins, the courtship consists about several males going for a single female.

Bottlenose dolphins jumping

We kept enjoying the splashes and stunts for a long time, then deciding to leave the group alone as there were more boats in the area and we didn't want to disturb the animals.

Bottlenose dolphin "surfing" the waves

We decided to go further South and try to find some Sperm whales. We used the hydrophone under water but the ocean was silent. As the time was running out and the sea started to become rougher, we went back to the safe and warm harbor of Horta. Luckily, Pico was performing an amazing view.

The island of Pico


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