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|13-06-2019| Birdwatching and Whale Watching Azores

A morning Birdwatching and Whale watching with a group from France guided by Laury Grenon. We went to Condor Seamount SW of Faial "chuming" for seabirds, although the season is not particularly good for sooty, baroli, or great shearwaters which should arrive later this year.

Capelinhos volcano and Corys' Shearwaters, Azores

Cory's Shearwater Azores Marine Birds

Cory's Shearwater Azores Marine Birds

We found Sperm whales crossing the Condor seamount using our hidrophone. The team believed in our skills, and the Azores Naturalist Team managed to show this beautifull female diving.

Sperm whale female preparing for another deep dive in the Azores with Monte da Guia on the background

Sperm whale fluke diving next to Condor Seamount


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