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|12-06-2019| Resident Sperm whales and Common dolphins (am. and pm. Expedition Tours)

The day started a bit windy, se we needed all our effort and the help of the lookouts to find the whales. Thanks to the many eyes looking at the surface, a few blows were found: Sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus).

Fluke of a Sperm whale

In our morning expedition we saw 6 female Sperm whales, all in a fforaging behavior, performing deep dives.

Fluke of another Sperm whale

Some where diving in pairs, and even surfacing together.

Two Sperm whales diving

In the afternoon expedition the wind had increased so finding animals was even more difficult, but after a long period of searching we did it.

Sperm whale's head, back and dorsal fin

We visited the same group of Sperm whales. The females and a juvenile were still diving.

Fluke of the Sperm whale while going for a dive

And we found a pair of whales too.

Two Sperm whales blowing

Despite the rough sea, we could manage to take some pictures of the flukes for photo identification.

Tail of a Sperm whale seconds before showing its fluke in a vertical position

Once all the animals in the area dived, we moved towards Monte da Guia to try to find some dolphins. We found a pod of 4 Common dolphins (Delphinus delphis), but on an evasive behavior. We didn't spend much time with them and we went back to Horta's harbor for a welcome back drink and to review the imagery collected! Thank you to all that participated in such another great journey adventure in the Azores!


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