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Azores Whale watching Azores

Azores Whale Research - Internship
| 7 Days | 5 Whale watching, Field & Lab Work 


Research Internship


Join the team of scientists and authors onboard and in land and collaborate on daily field and lab research routines of ongoing projects.

Monitor the 27 cetacean species and seaturtles around the Azores islands 


Dates - Weekly packages

Weekly Programs 

Minium stays of one week: starting on Monday (5 days of research activities arranged according to weather) 

Dates - Weekly packages - CHECK FOR AVAILABLE DATES


SPRING 2023: 

April  3 - 9  

April  10 - 16 

April  17- 23

April  24 - 30  DATES FULL

May  1 - 7  DATES FULL

May  8 - 14

May  15 - 21  DATES FULL

May 22-28

May/June 29-04

June  5 - 11

June  12 - 18  DATES FULL

Summer 2023

September  18 - 24

September   25 - 1

October    2 - 8 

October 9 - 15


575€ per Week slot

10% Off after the second week 


Whales: Sperm whale, Blue whale, Fin whale, Sei whale, Humpback whale, Beaked whales & More

Dolphins: Common dolphin, Bottlenose dolphin, Spotted dolphin, Risso dolphin, Stripped dolphin & more

Seaturtles: Regularly sighted loggerhead seaturtle, rarely geen or leatherback seaturtles

Seabirds: Cory’s shearwater, Yellow legged gull, April June: Macaronesian shearwater, Common and Roseate Tern, September: Great shearwater, Sooty shearwater & more

There will be 5 sea expeditions, and activities will run on these days. 

Therefore the research activities will be developed on 5 of the 7 day program.

These consist of monitoring cetaceans at sea by learning how to collect and process behavioral, photographic and samples. Participants will have a close experiece with several cetacean species, understanding their social ecology, behaviours and biology. 

These include 5 expeditions at sea, but also in land from advantage view points in collaboration with local land spotters. Laboratory work includes photo-identification and samples processing and archiving. Identification of whales, dolphins, seabirds and marine turtles as well as tagging seaturtles.

Accomodation and Meals

Meals and accomodation are not included in the program. With serveral good restaurants and soft meal opportunities at a walking distance in Horta. There are many different types of accommodation in the city, from Hotels, to apartments, guest houses and rooms. Check local options at  Contact-us for assistance in booking. 

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