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A quest for the ocean giant wonders at your rythm

Whale Watching Azores - Private Charter

Azores Whale watching Azores

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Where and how do I get to the Azores?
Daily connections 2:30 hours flight from Lisbon to Faial, Pico, São Miguel or Terceira. To prepare your trip, have  look at our
Azores Info Section
Are you sure we're going to see whales?
Yes! Because we only leave if the Watchers find whales, and we leave 98% of the time!
This is one of the few places in the world where this happens, which makes the Azores a unique place for the observation of cetaceans.
We work with Watchmen who are at strategic sites, sites used by the old whalers at the time of whaling. Two hours before each tour, they control the sea with binoculars, looking for whales. When they see them, they call us and guide our boat via radio.
Check the Azores Whales and Dolphins
Do you see whales every day?
We can see sperm whales and three species of resident dolphins (Bottlenose, Common, Risso) throughout the year. Baleen whales (Blue, Common, Humpbacks, Sei and Bryde whales) are here in the spring (March-June) and autumn (September-October), with some sightings during the summer. These cetaceans pass through the Azores to feed and rest after a long journey while migrating to the North.
Are you going to see whales tomorrow?
Every day is different, and the morning is different from the afternoon. But again, we only leave if the Watchers find whales  and we leave 98% of the time!
When is the best time for whale watching in the Azores?
If you're looking forward to seeing baleen whales, March-May is the best season!
On the other hand, if you want to see sperm whales and dolphins, any time is the best!
What whales are we seeing?
30 species of marine mammals can occur in the region. We can see blue whales, fin whales, humpback whales and Bryde's whales during their migration, Sperm whales occur throughout the year.
What kind of boat do you have?
We have a semi-rigid, which takes up to 16 passengers, plus the crew.
Is it possible to get seasick?
10% is our average sick person. It is possible to get sick during the trip ... if you stay, let us know, we are there to help!
Should I take a pill against nausea?
First of all, don't worry about it. It is a boat ride to have fun and learn. If you get sick in a car, it might be a good idea to have one after breakfast or lunch (according to the time of the tour).
Do you sell nausea pills?
No. We are not authorized. However, five minutes from our store, you will find the Lecoq pharmacy, where you can buy pills against nausea (Rua Conselheiro Medeiros Nº19 R / c. 9900-144 Horta),
What do I need to take?
Bring a warm jacket, it's like being in a convertible car, and it's always better to have too many clothes and be able to take them off, than to be cold. Even if they look great, don't wear high heels!
You should also put on sunscreen, bring sunglasses and a hat that doesn't fly (if that exists!)
Are we going to get wet?
The wind can bring splashes to the boat. So yes, we can get wet, but it's part of the sea adventure!
What are the risks of this activity?
As our boat is semi-rigid, there is a possibility to jump a little (depending on the wind). So, if you are pregnant or if you have serious back problems, we do not recommend that you come. However, don't worry, we work with other companies that have catamarans, so we can organize your expedition with them.
Can I take my camera?
Yes! Don't forget your camera to keep memories of your trip! However, our insurance does not cover cameras, so bring some protection to them.
We are a family owned and operated business.
Do I have to know how to swim?
No. You don't need to know how to swim. We have life jackets, the Watcher is always looking at us and there are several boats in our area.
How long does the expedition tour takes?
The expedition lasts about 3-4 hours as long as the weather allows.
What if we don't see whales?
We don't go out to sea if the Watcher doesn't see whales and or dolphins.
How much is the trip?
The price depends on the time of year but tends to be around 60 €. We have special prices for groups and children.
Why is Naturalist different from other companies?
At, all of our guides are master biologists and doctorates, researchers from the University of Lisbon and the Azores. Naturalist is a start-up MARE-University of Lisbon. We use the outputs to collect data for projects in progress at the university, in the company itself and for environmental monitoring. By participating, you learn and contribute to the study and conservation of nature - making tourism more sustainable. Check out our science section.
If you have any different question please let us know on the box below. We will reply by email asap!

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