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Whale watching Faial and Pico |17102019| Three Sei Whales 20 miles off Horta

It was a great day with moderately flat sea and a super whale spotter Antero, that found 3 Large Sei Whales from land, at 15 nautical miles.

These beauties kept moving, towards southwest so when we got there, Faial and Pico were amazingly small. These animals ranged from 12 to 16 meters, and were transiting, at some moments separated from each other, or moving more erracticaly, as if they were foraging for fish.

Our skipper was collecting the images as well, so the photographic coverage was not so successfull.

This is a "fluke print" the mark left by the whale as he(or she) swim passes underwater. In many encounters, the first evidence of their presence when we arrive.

From the side they may look as a shark or a dolphin, however as their body emerges you comprehend these are way over 10ton animals

After many different observations of the three animals, they kept moving towards the open ocean, leaving nothing but their tall whale blow behing, as in the image below.

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