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Hurricane Erosion on a coastal Volcano. Hiking Faial - Cabeço Verde - Capelinhos |13-10-2019|

Such a great evening hiking with Hadar, Mark and Beth through the endemic Macaronesian Laurel forest of the Azores towards the volcanic terrain of the 1957 Capelinhos.

The Lorenzo Hurricane had passed just one week before, on the 3rd Oct, on of the Hurricanes we have each 30 to 50 years affecting the region.

So we inspected the erosion impacts from the 180km/h winds and huge waves. We took some time exploring the photographic aspects of the sediment marks from water and wind near volcanic plasters and bombs.

The vegetation burn't from salt has high as 300 meters, the storm brough the Autumn in one day, testing to the limit the resilence of the Azorean tree heathers, Myrica faya (in the image), Picconia azorica, as many others.

On the ashes ground, several of the only large plants, the willow trees dryed, which may bring concern in terms of sediment deposition in the following months and years.

It is a constantly changing landscape this volcano. Don't miss it while it is on its full splendure of ashes before nature takes back what it has created, once again.


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