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|28-05-2019 am| Two spy hoping Sperm whales

The morning started with Sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) in the North and in the South, but in the North the wind was softer so that was the right option. The first that we saw was a big female Sperm whale off Faial.

Large female Sperm whale in the surface

It dove vertically for a deep dive, allowing for superb view of her fluke.

Sperm whale's fluke

The lookout told us that there was another blow nearby, so we moved towards that animal, and we found an other female of Sperm whale.

Blow of the Sperm whale

An other Sperm whale was coming to join that female, so we waited until they were together.

The two sperm whales

They were resting and socializing and the started spy hoping. It was breathtaking.

Two Sperm whales spy hoping

Some species of cetaceans do this "maneuver" to look better at the surface of the water, but it is not easy to see this behavior in Sperm whales.

The forehead of the Sperm whale in the Azores

The animals were spy hoping that many times that we were able to see their heads from all the angles.

The chin (or lower jaw) of the animal

At some point we had to move and leave them alone so we moved towards the shoreline to try to find some other animals. And we did: a pod that was composed by Common dolphins (Delphinus delphis) and Striped dolphins (Stenella coeruleoalba).

Common dolphin next to our boat

Common dolphins usually come near the boat but Striped dolphins are not as friendly with humans and they usually want to maintain bigger distances.

Striped dolphins swimming fast in the distance

We went back and caught some water but the experience was worth it!


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