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|27-07-2019| Sperm whales and dolphins around the islands of the triangle of the Azores

On the 27th the expeditions were a success!

In the morning, the sperm whales were ellusive, changing path under water bring hard to find. Finally both skippers and spotters operating south of Pico in collaboration managed to find a group with several animals. A female and a juvenile were observed, with the last having milk. The mother, or other female with milk to provide did her part, and departed for another deep dive elevating her fluke high just in front of our team.

The afternoon trip was windy also, although a pod of sperm whales kept fluking as they deep-dived north of Faial. Atlantic spotted dolphins (Stenella frontalis) gave a show as they made us company before we came back in.

Enjoy the pictures of these expeditions!





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