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|09-06-2019| More sperm whales in the South of Faial Island, but this time with Risso's dolphins

The first that we saw hen we arrived at the South of Faial island was the blow of the Sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus) that the lookout had spotted.

Blow of a Sperm whale

We spent the morning from one Sperm whale to the other as we were in the middle of the pod that has been around the area for almost a week.

Tail of a Sperm whale

The animals were diving so we had to do a bit of "whale waiting" too. But we could see at least 7 different animals.

Blowhole of the Sperm whale with Castelo Branco as a background

We also saw a pod of the resident Risso's dolphins (Grampus griseus) socializing.

Risso's dolphins

Some of the dolphins had a very white skin color caused by the scars of the interactions between the pod.

Risso's dolphins with a lot of scars

But Sperm whales were still comming to the surface. So we moved back to them to see a trio with synchronized fluking.

Three Sperm whales diving synchronized

Other Sperm whale was going towards Horta and it gave us this amazing view while diving.

Last deep breath of the Sperm whale before diving

The fluke of the Serm whale towards Horta

As the animal did, we also went back to Horta.

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