• Sara Vieira

|05072020| Jumping spotted dolphins

Updated: Jul 17

Another day another adventure!

Early morning and the team of Naturalists with local guests and their children were more than ready to go look for #dolphins in the #Azores. First stop: loggerhead #seaturtle (Caretta caretta) - she was too fast for our camera so unfortunately no photo, but the excitement was there!

After watching this pre-cretacean reptile, a large group of spotted dolphins (Stenella frontalis), with 150-200 individuals and over 20 young calves. Most of the animals came close to the boat, looking as if we where the first boat they met in weeks! And they did so many jumps, they are quite an acrobatic fellows.

Thank you all our guests for joining our team! Enjoy and share the photos from our expedition.

See you soon!


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