• Sara Vieira

|04072020pm| Powerful sperm whales

Updated: Jul 15

A calm sea and big sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) close to Faial and Pico, we cannot ask for more! A group of sailor Naturalists requested special moments, and so they had!

Our experienced spotter already had sighted the sperm whales so we went straight to the location.

We saw two incredible sperm whales that spend a lot of time stopped at the surface. We just stayed there admiring and earing them breathing while collecting more images of their bodies to identify them.

After a long rest, they showed us their tails!

Thank you to this cool group of Naturalists! Hope to collaborate more on the future. Enjoy and share our pictures from the expedition.

See you soon!

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RNAT18/2016 & RRAAT16/2016

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