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With guests since 1977 it was remodelled in 2017 with love and uniqueness.
It is for many marine researchers the choice of stay, from submarine pilots to famous explorers and videographers .
The house has several Rooms, that can be booked separatelly.
Contact us here for a quotation on the entire house wich can also be booked, accomodating up to 10 guests.

Porto Pim Guest House - Private Apartment

Guest for Accommodation also looked for

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From 40€

Hiking Faial

Through endemic forest, craters and volcanic ashes like nowhere else in the Azores!

whale watching azores 20200827-4.JPG
From 55€

Whale and Dolphin Watching

Half Day Ocean Experience to observe and monitor whales and dolphins in the Azores

whale watching azores 20200827-2.JPG
From 89€

Full Day | Whales & Volcanoes

Half Day Whale watching and Half Day Jeep/Van Tour around Faial Island Best Volcanoes

Azores Faial Pico Naturalist.jpg
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